F-OLB20 Force USA 20kg Men's Olympic Lifting Bar

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Product details

Force USA Olympic Lifting Bars (F-OLB10, F-OLB15 & F-OLB20) 

Using the latest in Functional Training technology, the ends spin like a needle bearing bar but without all the problems of needle bearing bars when used in Functional Training such as popping and breaking. Each end sleeve is capable of holding plates up to 190kg without deforming due to the Seamless Steel tube. The tolerance for the outer dimension is 0.1/0.2mm which is extremely well controlled.

The method we used to attached the sleeve to the shaft is called the "Control Ring" method.  It is a brand new and multi-nation patent protected design.  It is a design that combines the bolt design and the snap ring design.  With the "control ring", we are able to perfectly control the gap. The bar sleeves will not move left or right (Maximum gap distance is 0.1~0.2mm).  In clinical testing, the strength of the "control ring" allowed the bars to be dropped vertically on the head with no damage.

The structure also features a two-bolt locking method.  Unlike the conventional single bolt design where the bolt loosens up over time and eventually falls out, our design has an extra end cap that acts as a second fail safe bolt which holds the first bolt in place.  A special adhesive is applied prior to locking both bolts completely eliminating the possibility of a loosened bolt.

With this new patented design, we are able to control the gap which enables free, smooth rotation.  The sleeve has been comprehensively connected to the shaft to avoid possibility of disengaging. The Force USA Olympic Lifting Bar will be able to handle whatever you throw at it.

Extensive research and development has led to the development of this elite bar, the ultimate in technology for Functional Training and Olympic Power Lifting. Normally Olympic bars are heat treated S45C with a tensile strength PSI rating of 119,900 PSI. The F-OLB range of Force USA Olympic Lifting Bars are heat treated SCM440 with a tensile strength PSI rating of 216,000 PSI. All three models have been in house drop tested up to 30,000 times and the sleeves were undamaged and continued to rotate perfectly. Each bar has been precision milled to exact weight and length specification with a tolerance of +2%/-0%.

The stand out feature of the F-OLB Force USA - Olympic Lifting Bar range is the design construction. F-OLB20 (Mens bar) is constructed with Molybdenum-Chromium Alloy Steel and the F-OLB10 (Training bar) and F-OLB15 (Womens bar) are constructed with Heavy Duty Carbon Steel. The unique "Control Ring design is a revolutionary patented locking system. The knurling on these bars has to be felt to be believed. From your first grip, no other bar will feel the same again. The bars are finished with black oxide and hard chrome.

F-OLB20 (Mens Bar)

- Molybdenum-Chromium Alloy Steel
- Black oxide and hard chrome
- Weight = 20kg
- Static testing = 1500lb (680kg), Max = 1800lb (816kg)
- Total bar length = 220cm
- Handle length = 130.5cm
- Handle diameter = 2.8cm
- Olympic sized sleeve diameter
- Sleeve length = 41cm

Carton dimensions (LxWxH):   226cm x 9.5cm x 10.5cm

- Carton NW = 20kg
- Carton GW = 21.06kg
- Carton CBM = 0.0225

This is the ideal range of bars when setting up a Functional Training box, commercial gym, PT studio, Olympic power lifting use, sporting club use or training at home.

Regular Maintenance:

In order to keep your bar in great shape, we suggest that you follow the below maintenance instructions:

Brush the dead skin out of the knurling using a Nylon Brush and wipe it down with oil using a rag at least once a month.

If Chalk will be used during training , we highly recommend that you clean the chalk out of the knurling using the Nylon brush and wipe it down with oil daily. Chalk attracts moisture which will cause rust if the bar is not maintained daily.

*** Functional Training/Olympic Lifting use only warranted if used with approved bumper plates on an Olympic lifting platform.

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